This is your base's operations center, and the key to your defensive positions. This is no passive target, the HQ Bunker can fire back and grows in strength during battle as your troops wake up and get into the action. Upgrade the HQ Bunker for more firepower, defenses, traps, and buildings.

Hq bunker 01 Hq bunker 02 Hq bunker 03
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Hq bunker 04 Hq bunker 05 Hq bunker 06
Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Hq bunker 07 Hq bunker 08 Hq bunker 09
Level 7 Level 8 Level 9

Level Icon damage Damage per Second Icon hit points Hit Points Icon oil Oil Capacity Icon ammo Ammo Capacity
1 10 1000 1250 1250
2 20 1500 2000 2000
3 35 2000 2500 2500
4 45 3000 5000 5000
5 72 4000 7500 7500
6 103 6000 10000 10000
7 168 8000 15000 15000
8 216 12000 20000 20000
9 268 15000 35000 35000

Enforced steel

Reinforced Steel.  When you just need a little more tough in your stuff.

+1% Building Health.   Dropped from Single Player levels 1-10.

Ap bullets

Armor Piercing Bullets.  Goes through armor like "buttah".

+2% Troop Damage Bonus.  Dropped from Single Player levels 1-10.

Running shoes

Running Shoes.  Part fashion, part function.

+2% Troop Speed Bonus.  Dropped from Single Player levels 1-10.

Thick walls

Thick Walls.  The thicker the better. 

+5% HQ Bunker Health.  Dropped from SP 11-20.

Body armor

Body Armor.  Protecting your parts.

+4% Troop Health Bonus.  Dropped from SP 11-20.


Sun Glasses.  Less glare and better vision.

+5% Bunker Range.  Dropped from SP 11-20.

Extra sandbag

Extra Sandbags.  Keep the bugs out!

+5% Wall HP.  Dropped from SP 21-30.

Improved sights

Improved Sights.  The further you can see the earlier you can shoot.

+5% Defense Building DPS.  Dropped from SP 21-30.

Metal sheets

Stack of Sheet Metal.  Cover everything in this.

-5% Explosion Damage Reduction.  Dropped from SP 21-30.


Scopes.  Farsighted.

+8% Bunker Range.  Dropped from SP 31-40.

Operations manual

Operations Manual.  If all else fails, read the guide.

+5% HQ Bunker Fill Rate.  Dropped from SP 31-40.

Boxes of pizza

Boxes of Pizza.   Pepperoni and Mushroom.

+6% Troop Health Bonus.  Dropped from SP 31-40.

Irradieted bullets

Irradiated Bullets.  Green bullets hurt more.

+6% Troop Damage Bonus. Dropped from SP 31-40.

Coffee maker

Coffee Maker.  Awake all night long.

+2% Defense Buildign DPS.   Drops from We Die Together.

First aid kit

First Aid Kit.  Be prepared.

+2% Building Health.  Drops from We Die Together.

Fools guide

Fool's Guide to Traps. Luckily they wrote a book.

+4% Trap Damage.  Drops from Stacked!


Extended Magazines.  More bullets more damage.

+4% Troop Damage Bonus.  Drops from Stacked!

Ear plugs

Ear Plugs.  I don't hear any explosions?

-10% Explosion Damage Reduction.  Drops from Mega Tank!


Costume Wings.  If you think you can fly, maybe you move a little faster?

+5% Troop Speed Bonus.  Drops from Mega Tank!

Mega glue

Mega Glue.  Holding it all together better!

+4% Building Health.  Drops from Flying Beast!

Metal underpants

Metal Underpants.  Always have on clean underpants!

-15% Explosion Damage Reduction.  Drops from Flying Beast!

Crow nest

Crow's Nest.  Let us know if you see anything.

+10% HQ Bunker Fill Rate. Drops from Flying Beast!

Flying giyllotine Flying Guillotine.  Coming soon....
Lunch box Metal Lunchbox.  Coming soon....
Swimming pool Swimming Pool.  Coming soon....
Unicorn shampoo Unicorn Shampoo.   Coming soon....
Modern art Modern Art Sculpture.  Coming soon....
Camo Camo Paint.  Coming soon...
Armored frock Armored Frock.  Coming soon....
Box of wires Box of Wires.   Coming soon....
Boss flying beast Boss mega-tank Coop hq bunker
Flying Beast Mega Tank We Die Together & Stacked

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